The HeapCraft collaboration tools help Minecraft server admins to build strong, friendly, and collaborative communities. They add features to motivate player collaboration and provide community insight and visualizations. We are using results from our research to improve our tools constantly, allowing you to use science instead of intuition to improve collaboration on your server automatically. All tools can be tried out on our server.

Web Interface

HeapCraft Dashboard

The HeapCraft Dashboard offers insightful real time analytics and visualizations about your Minecraft server, including maps of player activity, the breakdown of players' in-game characteristics and contributions, and more. To get access to data about your own server, just install the Epilog plugin. An access code can then be requested with the command /el access <email>.

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Our plugins use the Bukkit API. Read our plugin installation guide to learn how to make them work with your Minecraft server. The plugins are also available on curse and on Those versions are approved by Bukkit moderators. In order to follow their guidelines, some minor features had to be removed (e.g. updates are not downloaded over a secure connection).


Epilog is the heart of our collaboration tools. Some of the other tools use the analysis done by Epilog to improve their functionality. Epilog also provides automatic updates for all the plugins and is used to gain access to the HeapCraft Dashboard. By using Epilog you will automatically participate in our research. Consult the manual to learn how to opt out.

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DiviningRod gives you programmable social compasses that can point to any location, object, or player. New targets can be created by placing signs. Use this plugin to tell others about interesting places or to find moderators and other players.

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Classify automatically detects if a player is building, mining, exploring, fighting or idle. The result can be published in the tablist. This makes it easier to find other players for projects or adventures. Classify requires Epilog.

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Epilog API

The Epilog API enables you to display live visualizations on your own website.

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