The HeapCraft plugins require a Minecraft server compatible with the Bukkit API 1.7.9 or later. This means the plugins won't run on the original server binary provided by Mojang. We recommend using CraftBukkit. Spigot and Cauldron (Forge based) also work. However, we only test our plugins against the newest CraftBukkit builds.

Installing CraftBukkit 1.8

The license of CraftBukkit doesn't allow the distribution of compiled binaries. This means you have to compile the server yourself. The build tools provided by the Spigot project make the process easy. Just follow the instructions on this forum post.

Running the build tools creates a file named craftbukkit-1.8.jar. Follow the instructions to setup and start the server. Use the just created craftbukkit-1.8.jar instead of the file mentioned in the guide.

If you are running the server for the first time, you have to agree to Mojang's eula. You can do this by setting eula=true in eula.txt.

Installing HeapCraft plugins

Once you have a Bukkit compatible server running, just download the plugins from our tools section, put them in the plugins folder and restart the server.

Updating HeapCraft plugins

Our plugins can be installed or updated without having to restart a running server. This can be done by using the command /reload. To install new plugins, put in plugins before using the command. To update an existing plugin, place it in plugins/update. (The folder might have to be created first.)

If Epilog is installed, new versions of all HeapCraft plugins are downloaded into the update folder automatically. If automatic updates are disabled, the command /el update will do the same. Moderators will get a notification if new plugin versions have been downloaded and can install them by using the /reload command or by restarting the server (in case other plugins don't support the reload command).