Epilog is the heart of our collaboration tools. Some of the other tools use the analysis done by Epilog to improve their functionality. Epilog also provides automatic updates for all the plugins and is used to gain access to the HeapCraft Dashboard.

Epilog does not affect gameplay. It is easy to install, requires no configuration and hardly affects server performance. Use the /access <email> command to gain access to the HeapCraft Dashboard.

Warning: Epilog sends behavioral data to our server and performs periodic self updates, by default. We will use your data to serve your visualizations, to improve the other plugins automatically, and ultimately in our academic research on cooperation and collaboration. With your data, we will be able to use science instead of intuition to improve collaboration on your server. Consult our privacy statement for more information. The technical details page further explains the plugin's inner workings.

Please delete the file private_server_id inside the plugin's data folder before running a new instance of a server that already used the plugin. Otherwise the data of both servers gets mixed and the stats we provide will be faulty. Also never reveal the server id to anyone since it can be used to gain access to the server's HeapCraft Dashboard.

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All configuration properties are mapped to commands. Corresponding configuration keys are shown in blue. All properties but use-evaluation-server are true by default.

/el ping

Checks the connection with the logging server. Use ping to check if the plugin is up and running.

/el access <email>

Sends a new access key for the HeapCraft Dashboard to the given email address.

/el versions

Prints the versions of installed HeapCraft plugins and available updates.

/el update

Updates all installed HeapCraft plugins. The server has to be restarted for the updated versions to load. The /reload command can be used alternatively.

/el autoUpdate [ on | off | read ]   auto-update

Downloads new updates automatically.

/el offlineMode [ on | off | read ]   offline-mode

When in offline mode, Epilog stops sending any data to our logging server. Use this option to do exhaustive performance testing. Create a new config file at plugins/Epilog/config.yml with offline-mode: true before installing the plugin to send us no data from the beginning.

/el logging [ on | off | read ]   logging-enabled

No player events are sent to the logging server if set to off; some other server related data however still is.

/el logChats [ on | off | read ]   log-chats

Chat events are sent without the message if set to off.

/el worldDownload [ on | off | read ]   world-download

Allows Epilog to send map files to the logging server should we need it for new kind of analytics. This option is pre-emptive. The current version does not access maps.

/el notifications [ on | off | read ]   player-notifications

Server operators won't get notifications (e.g. about available updates) over in-game chat if set to off.

/el loggingInfo [ on | off | read ]   logging-info

Informing players that their gameplay is being logged when joining the server.

/el ingameCommands [ on | off | read ]   ingame-commands

Disables all /el commands if set to off. Prevents operators from changing Epilog settings. The commands still work inside the server console.


Default values are shown in blue. Use a permissions plugin for more fine grained control.

epilog.access   op

Allows to create access tokens for the HeapCraft Dashboard with the access command.

epilog.manage   op

Allows to change settings. This includes all commands mapped to a configuration property.

epilog.update   op

Allows to update epilog and related plugins with the update command.

epilog.install   op

Allows to install related plugins. (Not yet implemented.)

epilog.notifications   op

Allows to see (update-) notifications if enabled with the notifications command.

epilog.loggingInfo   true

Informs players that their gameplay is logged if enabled with the loggingInfo command.


# 0.0.10

* initial release

# 0.1.1

* log CraftItemEvent
* include config in heartbeat message

# 0.1.2

* support for worlds loaded at runtime (e.g. when using Multiverse)

# 0.1.3

* support for new versions of craftbukkit (tested with 1.12.1)
* new default logging server: epilog.heapcraft.net