This server is no longer running. Let us know if we should turn it back on @HeapCraft!

We are running a Minecraft server at The server will log gameplay which we are using for our research. It features a randomly generated open world. Please be nice to other players; don't steal, don't destroy things created by others.

The server was created for a previous project. It runs on version 1.7.9 and requires a client downgrade in order to play. Let us know if you think we should upgrade to 1.8.

Adventure maps

In addition to the open world we are hosting a couple of adventure maps. They can be played by typing /pw. The maps can be left at any time by typing /pw again. The progress will be saved automatically. The following maps are currently installed:


A map created by Mirgeaux. Install the resource pack for optimal gameplay.


A map created by McLolington. Hard.


A map created by myself. It is based on a maze generated with script based on Prim's algorithm.

Ground truth collection

To test our player classification algorithm, every player gets asked what they are doing every 3 to 13 minutes. This reminder can be turned off or on by /do stop and /do start respectively.

The options are explore, mine, build, fight and other. To answer the reminder, use the first letter of the action, for example /do e for explore. The do-command can be used anytime, but answering the reminder directly is more valuable to us.